Tretopp Studio is a small commercial recording studio founded in 2006 and run by producer, mixer and musician Torbjørn A. Raae.  The studio is situated in the heart of Oslo with easy access by all public transportation.  It consists of a small. tight-sounding live room and a fully equipped  control room with a selection of both in-the-box and outboard mixing and recording tools, centered around an SSL Nucleus and preamps from Millennia Media, Universal Audio, Solid State Logic and RME.

Torbjørn A. Raae specializes in recording guitar and mixing, but he also does full-on production duties.  He has been recording and mixing most of his life and is an accomplished and sought after guitarist and singer.  As both frontman and sideman he has a knack for arrangements and sounds that just work and his experience as a songwriter also keeps his focus where it should be – on the song.

Torbjørn is currently in the process of completing Norway´s first master´s degree in mixing at the Norwegian Academy of Music, where he has been studying with Ulf Holand, Javed Kurd and Arvid Solvang.  His thesis is that through all the choices you do in a mix, the mixing itself is an artistic expression.  Contact us if you´d like to hear what he can do for your project.  He has also been teaching music production and technology since 2007.

Torbjørn´s experience as a musician ensures that there is a large selection of great instruments in the studio at all times.  Check this link for details.

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